Vision & Philosophy


Our management philosophy of “Realize the Dream of Humankind by Building a Better Future through Creative Thinking and Tireless New Endeavors” is the basis of our mission to become a leading global company and is also the fundamental spirit we at Hyundai Mobis aspire to uphold. To this end, Hyundai Mobis never settles for today's achievements and is working feverishly to ”unlock possibilities” for even bigger growth tomorrow, to stay true to mission of “continuously fulfilling our responsibility for ensuring the maximum satisfaction of stakeholders, and to practice love and compassion for humanity to help bring about a happier society through sharing.


Hyundai Mobis redefines the value of means of transportation by expanding it to a “Lifetime Partner in Automobiles and Beyond” based on products and services of the highest quality and achieves symbiotic coexistence with stakeholders by carrying out the vision of “Together for a Better Future.” In addition, to strengthen our presence and competitiveness as a company specializing in automotive parts, we have established the mid- and long-term vision of “Design the Future, Gain the Edge” and are making concerted efforts to achieve the goal.

Vision for Corporate Social Responsibility

Trustworthy Partner for Today & Tomorrow

A True Partner for the Future

  • Local Communities

    A company that grows together with local communities Various environmental protection and sharing activities Active engagement with local communities

  • Shareholders and investors

    A company that inspires confidence Transparent and stable management Maximizing shareholder and investor values

  • Customers

    A company that pursues happy mobility Improving technical capabilities, realizing of the best quality, bolstering customer confidence, and strengthening customer engagement

  • Employees

    The best company to work for Fair evaluation and compensation, support for professional development, Ensuring worker safety, providing welfare benefits, and fostering a pleasant work environment

  • Partners and distributors

    A trusted companion Establishing fair and transparent business relationships Sharing information and disseminating technology

  • Other stakeholders

    A leader in responding to climate change Join efforts for global policies on climate change Strengthening corporate competitiveness through response to climate change

  • Global

    A transparent company Complying with and actively participating in the promotion of laws and regulations, in alignment with global policies

Core Values

Hyundai Mobis pursues five core values: Customer First, Pioneer Spirit, Engagement & Cooperation, Respect for Talent, and Going Global. They not only serve as indexes for fulfilling our management philosophy and visions but also as reference points for conducts and decision-making of our employee. Hyundai Mobis also strives to nurture a creative organizational culture that respects talent and customers and to make new endeavors and practice cooperation such as actively participating in company-wide core value internalization level assessments with an aim to identify the level of their implementation and the areas that need improvement. Hyundai Mobis is dedicated to fostering the sense of community and solidarity within our company by having the five core values shared and internalized by all employees, thereby ceaselessly driving sustainable growth and development.