Create a society where everybody is happy

HYUNDAI MOBIS pursues social contribution with the aim of fulfilling corporate social responsibilities as well as enhancing the corporate value. HYUNDAI MOBIS seeks to create “A society where everybody is happy”, using the company’s corporate features and advantages for the benefit of the disadvantaged, create sustainable future value for stakeholders, and to share profits and other advantages brought by our growth.

HYUNDAI MOBIS Social Responsibility Vision and Strategy

Hyundai Mobis social responsibility of the vision and strategy - and the social responsibility of the vision of the bank for a better future, to create value for all stakeholders and sustainable together future, share a well-balanced result we create value through strategic branding of social contribution activities. These brands, means the creation and dream, which means a happy bank for tomorrow hope, and consideration, which means beautiful bank for socially vulnerable support, and value, which means the implementation of auto parts professional enterprise value you.

HYUNDAI MOBIS Key Social Contribution Activities

HYUNDAI MOBIS is pursuing systematic social contribution activities based on four movements that reflect the Hyundai Motor Group’s social responsibility vision and philosophy. Starting with the key Safe Move titled ‘Children Traffic Safety Transparent Umbrellas Distribution’ since 2010, we have completed four movements by carrying out the Happy Move ‘Junior Engineering Class’, Green Move ‘Creating Meer Forest’, and finally Easy Move ‘Mobility for Disabled Children’ in 2014.

  • Safe Move - A Safe World Build Together

    Transparent Umbrellas

  • Green Move - A Green World Continued Together

    Meer Forest

  • Easy Move A Vehicle Made in Love of People

    Mobility for Disabled Children

  • Happy Move - A Happy World Shared Together

    Junior Engineering Class