Core social contribution

  • Our Top Priority, Child Safety

    On rainy days when children have to carry colored umbrellas, the umbrellas obstruct their vision and thus they fail to recognize cars. This significantly increases the risk of accidents. Starting 2010, HYUNDAI MOBIS has been continuing its Child Traffic Safety Clear Umbrella Distribution activities in cooperation with Korean Children Safety Foundation to protect children, who are our future and hope, from accidents.

  • Strong and Safe Clear Umbrella

    The Clear Umbrellas of HYUNDAI MOBIS are made of transparent, strong and yet very light semi-glossy material. HYUNDAI MOBIS has been manufacturing and distributing 100,000 clear umbrellas every year to elementary schools students all over the country to help prevent all kinds of accidents including car crashes and traffic accidents in the rain. Our partners are also participating in Clear Umbrella Distribution activities as an effort to promote Child Traffic Safety. One Clear Umbrella may not prevent all accidents; however, HYUNDAI MOBIS will continue to carry out Clear Umbrella Distribution activities to keep children safe and to strengthen public awareness regarding this matter.

Clear Umbrella Introduction Video


1,000 raindrops

  • Share your Story (April to November) - Tell us your story! Let us know why and how many of you need Clear Umbrellas. Stories will be selected based on genuineness and necessity and 1,000 Clear Umbrellas will be sent on the 20th of every month by order. - The story must be over 300 letters and Clear Umbrellas will be distributed in 5 units within a total 100.
  • UCC Contest (June to August) - Create your own story on Child Traffic Safety with Clear Umbrellas and send us the UCC! Make sure to put the name of the organization or institution you are representing within the video. Our professional judges will review thoroughly and choose 10 UCC. Winners will be awarded with prize money and 1,000 Clear Umbrellas to be used for Distribution activities in schools and childcare centers.

Clear Umbrella Distribution with Traffic Safety Education

  • Elementary schools will be selected through the Clear Umbrella Distribution Contest for Children Traffic Safety Education. The selected schools will be supported in disseminating the purpose of Clear Umbrella Distribution and Traffic Safety Education using Traffic Safety Education Bus or Traffic Safety Kit.

    - Contest period : June to August

Clear Umbrella Distribution with Partners

  • HYUNDAI MOBIS selects 10 partners every three years and provides Clear Umbrellas to those partners for a three-year period to carry out Clear Umbrella Distribution. We continue to support and cooperate with those partners after the term is over so that they can continue to carry out Clear Umbrella Distribution for Children's Traffic Safety on their own.

Clear Umbrella

Clear Umbrellas are made of transparent, strong and yet very light materials. It will light up children’s vision in the rain and its semi-glossy material is very recognizable by drivers from a distance, ensuring children's safety further.

All colors are semi-glossy and reflect the light, making them easy to recognize for drivers / ransparent but tough material that does not tear easily and secures a clear view / Anti-Slip Designto prevent umbrellas slipping from children’s hands / Whistle attached to the handle in case of emergency