Safety Management

HYUNDAI MOBIS has obtained certifications for Occupational Health
and Safety Management System (OHSAS) 18001
and Korea Occupational Safety Health Agency (KOSHA) 18001.”

HYUNDAI MOBIS has obtained certifications for Occupational Health  and Safety Management System (OHSAS) 18001 and Korea Occupational Safety Health Agency (KOSHA) 18001.”

In 2013, the safety and health management system of all domestic manufacturing sites of Hyundai MOBIS earned OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series) at the international level and KOSHA 18001 (Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency) at the national level.
The safety and health management system refers to a corporate management system where safety and health policies are reflected in the management principles and the related practice guidelines as well as the criteria are determined as regulations to be applied to the performances of tasks.

Succeeded to maintain the accreditations by improving the issues of nonconformance. Our overseas corporate body also gained OHSAS 18001, and we plan to have all other overseas manufacturing sites be certified as well.

Safety Management Strategy


Realization of a ‘Safe and Strong Workplace’

HYUNDAI MOBIS pursues safety management through its business policy that states ‘safety and health are the priorities for all business activities’. We are also promoting various policies to create a safe workplace and improve employee satisfaction.


ZERO Serious Disaster or Injury Rate, Establish a Voluntary Safety Culture, Aim to Be the Global Leading Company

Main Tasks

  • Reinforce Risk Management

    Drive Enterprise-wide Health Improvement Activities
    Establish a self-directed health management culture
    Establish a post/preventive health management system for workers with diseases detected in screening
    Drive Disaster Prevention Activities
    Strengthen drill-wide activities for disaster prevention
    Operate a standard inspection system
    Attain zero risk
  • Establish a Safety Culture

    Establish a Culture of Voluntarily Complying with Safety Rules
    Revise and comply with mandatory safety rules
    Establish a voluntary safety culture
    Reinforce publicity/campaign → Habituate the culture
    Establish a Safety Training System
    Reinforce mandatory safety training
    Foster experts
  • Reinforce Safety Management Capabilities

    Introduce Global Safety & Environment Regulations
    Establish and operate global common regulations
    Establish a Safety & Environment Management System
    Establish a management system using safety indicators
    Perform systematic duties
    Reinforce organizational capabilities
  • Fulfill Social Responsibilities

    Practice Compliance Management by Reinforcing a Safety Regulation Management System
    Keep regulations up to date and assess their impact
    Monitor compliance performance
    Establish a Mutually Beneficial Cooperation System for Partners
    Operate a ‘Safety Call’ center
    Cooperate/support for safety management

Strategic Direction of Safety Management

We run safety health activities to attain the goal of a zero disaster workplace, and conduct management review, covering area-specific goal-performance management, safety and health KPI evaluation and excellent workplace awards to establish an autonomous and forward-thinking safety management culture. We have made ourselves ready to prevent safety accidents with streamlined safety, health and environment management by building an IT-based SH&E system.

Safety Management (Inspection, Training
									and Publicity) - Establish a safety culture, Establish a safety and environment management system, Reinforce Safety Management with in Corporate Partners, Elevate the level of safety and environment
									management, Reinforce Risk Management, Fulfill Social Responsibilities