Airbag Electronics

Product Overview A system that triggers airbags by judging the intensity and type of car collision


Failure diagnosis of airbag system

Timely airbag inflation in case of a collision

Logging of vehicle accident

Product Details
This system consists of the sensing unit that collects information from sensors in real time, such as the intensity and type of collision and seatbelt use and occupant size and determines optimal restraint device, the micom unit that features built-in trigger logic and collision algorithm to determine the operation of airbags, and the ignition ASIC that provides ignition current to inflate airbags. Hyundai Mobis develops and supplies airbag electronics that control airbag opening for various accident types.
Main Products

ACU (Airbag Control Unit)

Analyzes input signals from sensors in real time and determines collision status and sends signals to open airbags.

FIS (Front Impact Sensor)

FIS is a front impact sensor mounted on the front part of the vehicle to detect collision signals and quickly deliver to ACU to ensure that a head-on collision is detected early and airbags are inflated in a timely manner.

SIS (Side Impact Sensor)

SIS is an electronic side acceleration sensor that detects the degree of collision with sensors and delivers the signal to ACU.

PSIS (Pressure Side Impact Sensor)

PSIS is a pressure type side impact sensor mounted inside the driver and passenger seat doors to detect a change in pressure inside the door in case of a side collision and deliver pressure data to ACU.

ODS (Occupant Detection System)

A system designed to detect occupation of the passenger seat and identify an occupant.

PSB ECU (Pre-safety Seat Belt ECU)

PSB ECU is designed to remove the slack between the seat belt and the occupant before a collision to optimize occupant safety and restrain occupants early and generate an advance warning in case of emergency.

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