Rear Lamps

Product Overview A light system located in the rear part of the vehicle Download Brochure


Excellent visibility

Securing the safety related to rear vehicles

Product Details
Hyundai Mobis' headlamps satisfy all of safety, design and performance requirements. Based on excellent performance and strict quality conformity, Hyundai Mobis supplies lamp modules to global automakers. To take the lead in the advanced rear lamp market, Hyundai Mobis is developing various advanced technologies such as 3D lit image rear lamps, which change light image depending on the angle, and OLED rear lamps.
Main Products

3D Lit Image Rear Lamp

- Tail light of 3D hologram image (image that changes depending on the angle)
- Realizing 50mm depth with 2.3mm-thick inner lens

Slim Projection Module

Homogeneous Rear Lamp

- Homogeneous radiation image tail light
- Minimized hot spot with side LED and light plate

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