Head Lamps

Product Overview A light system located in the front part of the vehicle Download Brochure


Excellent field of view

Smart lamps that respond to surrounding objects and environments

Product Details
Hyundai Mobis' headlamps satisfy all of safety, design and performance requirements. Based on excellent performance and strict quality conformity, Hyundai Mobis supplies lamp modules to global automakers. Hyundai Mobis is leading the era of smart lamps by developing advanced lamp technologies from Bi-Matrix ADB, which adjusts high and low beams depending on the surrounding objects and environments, to DMD lamps supporting communication with other drivers and pedestrians.
Main Products

Low-Cost LED Module

- An entry-level reflector type LED module for low and high beams
- Cost reduction through integrated LED and LDM

Slim Projection Module

- A slim low beam projection module with lens opening size of 22mm
- Reduced module height with silicon lens

Bi-Matrix ADB Module

- Low beam and ADB Matrix high beam Bi-function module
- Controls 12 segments with silicon lens.

DMD Headlamp

- High-resolution DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device) headlamp
- 410k pixel surface driving information and symbol surface examination

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