Product Overview A steering system that uses an electric motor to enable change of the direction of the vehicle


Excellent responsiveness

Soft steering

Enhanced fuel efficiency through weight reduction

Product Details
EPS is an electronic steering system used to change the direction of the vehicle as intended by the driver. Without using the existing hydraulic system, it precisely controls the motor based on the conditions of the vehicle to provide optimal steering performance, enhancing driving convenience and stability. Hyundai Mobis' EPS secures safety through excellent responsiveness and steering as well as Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA). We supply R-EPS, P-EPS and C-EPS depending on various performance requirements.
Main Products


A belt type EPS where the motor is mounted directly on the wheel shaft. It supports low-friction, high-efficiency output and is mostly used for D segment or above.


An EPS where the motor is mounted on the pinion gear. Mostly used for D and E segments.


The motor is mounted on the steering shaft of the steering wheel. C-EPS is used mostly for D segment or below.

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