48V Mild Hybrid

Product Overview Supply and Storage of Electric Energy for 48V Electric Drive System


The battery system with a built-in converter

Reduced volume and weight with integrated package design

Enhanced CO2 reduction capability (to respond to EURO 6)

Product Details
It assists torque of 48V Mild Hybrid system and supplies power to 12V electronics and stores regenerated energy back into the battery. Hyundai Mobis continues innovation to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions by integrating the existing separate converter into the battery system.
Main Products

Integrated Converter/BMS Board

A device designed to manage the battery by measuring and calculating the status of the buck-boost converter for conversion between 48V and 12V and the battery.

BMA(Battery Module Assembly) with built-in cooling fan

Modularized multiple lithium batteries and integrated air cooling system enhance battery output and life.


Used to start the engine of hybrid vehicles and charge high voltage batteries. Used to assist engine power during acceleration.

Lightweight and thin PRA

Consists of switching and current sensing for control of lithium battery charge and discharge and fuses for overcurrent protection, elevating battery reliability.