FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle)

Product Overview An environment-friendly electric vehicle that is driven by electric energy generated from hydrogen and air as a fuel


No toxic emissions from vehicle driving

Lower noise compared to gas-powered vehicles

Product Details
An FCEV is a representative green vehicle that produces only water without emitting GHGs such as NOx and SOx, which are generated by existing gasoline vehicles. While the existing internal combustion vehicle generates noise from combustion and combustion of gasoline and mechanical power, the FCEV hardly generates any noise as it drives motor through electrochemical reaction.
Main Products

MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly)

A minimum unit part in the fuel cell system. MEA takes the form of a thin sheet consisting of hydrogen electrode, air electrode and electrolyte membrane. The hydrogen electrode produces hydrogen ions and electrons by oxidizing hydrogen, and the generated hydrogen ions react with air of the air electrode through the electrolyte membrane and with electrons moving through the external circuit, producing water. The vehicle uses the produced electrons of the external circuit as electric power.

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