Electric Energy System

Product Overview A system that drives eco-friendly vehicle using high-voltage batteries and stores energy Download Brochure


Higher mileage through high-energy density

Higher cooling efficiency with heat control system

Enhanced fuel efficiency through electric energy from the battery

Product Details
It is a system designed to supply electric energy with electric motors to drive the vehicle while charging electric energy during regenerative braking. The system consists of BSA, BMS and BTMS. Hyundai Mobis' electric energy system features high-energy density of battery to increase mileage, real-time monitoring and safety control through BMS and enhanced cooling efficiency and thermal safety with heat control system. We supply BSA, BMS and BTMS to all HEV, PHEV and EV models.
Main Products


Uses electric energy stored in high-voltage battery to deliver power to the motor to drive the vehicle.


Detects the current/voltage/temperature of the battery in real time and stabilizes battery by measuring and controlling its current state.


Lowers the temperature of the battery to secure thermal safety