Power Converter

Product Overview A converter that enables electric motor drive, supply of power to electronic system load and high-voltage battery charge Download Brochure


Realizing high power density through downsizing

High efficiency through reduction in loss of power semiconductor and magnetic substance

Product Details
A power converter is used to drive electric motors, supply power to electronic system load or charge high-voltage batteries for eco-friendly vehicles, and consists of PCU and OBC. With its high efficiency and high-power density, the power converter of Hyundai Mobis has secured reliability with 300,000 km for 15 years. We also offer a PCU and OBC lineup for all xEV vehicles, and can offer an optimized package that meets specifications requested by customers.
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Converts DC power of high-voltage battery into phase 3 AC power to control the torque and speed of the electric motor or into low-voltage (12V) DC power to supply power to electronic system load inside the vehicle.


Converts utility AC power into DC power to charge high-voltage battery in the vehicle.

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