Driving System

Product Overview A part that converts electric energy from the battery into mechanical energy to deliver power to eco-friendly vehicles and provide regenerative braking functionality Download Brochure


High efficiency

Compact size

High durability

Product Details
A motor is an essential part of a green vehicle, which generates vehicle power. The driving motor, HSG products and in-wheel driving system of Hyundai Mobis developed based on its years of design know-how efficiently generate power and energy and realize excellent performance and longer mileage.
Main Products

EV driving motor

Equipped in the engine room as a module with a reducer, the EV driving motor replaces an automotive combustion engine to deliver power. Applicable to both front and rear wheels and to all from small to large vehicles.

HEV driving motor

Mounted between the engine and the transmission, the HEV driving motor drives the vehicle at low speed and high torque areas, increasing fuel efficiency. With the TMED method, it can be applied while maintaining the layout of the existing combustion engine.


Used to start the engine of hybrid vehicles and charge high voltage batteries. Used to assist engine power during acceleration.

In-wheel motor system

An electric driving system mounted inside each of the wheels to provide driving power and braking. Convertible to 4WD green vehicle. The system contributes significantly to acceleration/ turning safety and fuel efficiency

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