Sound System

Product Overview A system that delivers various sound experience such as music, radio, alarms and navigation voice to customers Download Brochure


High output amps

Speakers made of various innovative materials

Various sound convenience features, such as noise reduction technology and original sound reproduction

Product Details
The sound system delivers rich and clean original sound through speakers by amplifying signals from the head unit through external speakers without distortion. Provides various amps and speakers from 4-channel to 24-channel.
< Brand : KRELL >
- Born in 1980 in the United States, KRELL is a global leader of Hi-Fi home audio high output amps loved by audio fanatics around the world.
- It delivers extremely powerful and undistorted sound in the vehicle
Main Products

KRELL Premium Sound System (24Ch12Ch)

Exclusive audio system with speakers featuring diaphragms made of innovative material High output amps with DSP deliver powerful and undistorted sound to customers. It also provides noise reduction technology and various sound fields such as live dynamics that reproduces original sound.

Mainstream Sound System (8Ch 4Ch)

A sound system that delivers reasonably good performance with speakers made of plastic and paper

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