Product Overview A device that displays information required for driving on the front windshield Download Brochure


Low distortion and high definition

Low noise from adjustment of the screen height

High visibility with a wide range of light brightness

Product Details
It is a device that shows driving information on the windshield to prevent driver distraction. The device displays speed, navigation, radio information and more. Hyundai Mobis' HUD features low distortion and high definition/intensity image that can be recognized even against the light.
Main Products

Windshield HUD

The most common product that displays information on the windshield. Applied mostly to C-segment or above.

Combiner HUD

A product featuring a separate display. Applied mostly to C-segment or below.


An augmented reality product that overlaps information directly on the forward vehicles, road and pedestrians. To be released to the market by 2020.

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