Product Overview A device that controls most of the information in the vehicle and implements and controls entertainment such as music


Various phone connectivity
- Carplay, Android Auto, Carlife, MirrorLink, etc.

Optimized platform
- Quick booting, etc.

High quality
- High IQS index

Product Details
This system consists of a display and head unit. It receives various vehicle information and displays and controls it. The head unit features CPU, memory and OS, which are used to control the interior. Hyundai Mobis' infotainment system delivers rapid reaction speed and various high-quality phone connectivity features based on an optimized hardware and software platform. We offer various platforms suitable to customer specifications.
Main Products


A +8" large screen with built-in navigation, radio and video player (phone connectivity solution available)


A 7-8" large screen with radio and video player with phone connectivity solution to support the use of navigation on the phone


A small display with radio-centered entertainment and support for connection with voice/sound features of the phone through BT

Product Videos