Convenience Specs

Product Overview A system that delivers information recognized through sensors to the driver to provide convenience


Driving convenience

Removed blind spots

Product Details
A system that provides information that cannot be recognized by the driver based on the result of sensors such as camera and ultrasonic waves
Main Products

Surround view monitor

A system that delivers external situations to the inside monitor in real time with a total of 4 cameras, each on the front and rear part of the vehicle and at the bottom of left and right outside mirrors

Camera monitoring system

A system that provides a wider rear side field of view to the driver instead of the side mirrors

Driver monitor

Detection of driver's drowsiness

Rear parking steering assist

A system that displays the image of front or rear blind spots with parking guidelines during low-speed driving

Blind spot detection (BSD)

A system that detects obstacles in side rear blind spots with sensors and issues alerts to the driver