Advanced Driver Assistance System

Product Overview A system designed to control the vehicle actively by delivering the result of situational judgment made through control logic with information collected from sensors to the actuator Download Brochure


Safe Driving Assistance

Reduction in Accident Rate

Product Details
Delivers the result of recognizing situation from sensors such as camera and radar to ECU. This system performs steering and control by making judgments based on dynamic vehicle information and results collected from sensors. We help improve driving safety through this, thereby reducing the accident rate.
Main Products

LKAS (Lane Keeping Assist System)

A system that helps the vehicle to remain in the proper lane by controlling the steering wheel when the driver begins to or is expected to drift out of the lane unintentionally due to, for example, drowsy driving

SCC (Smart Cruise Control)

A system that allows the vehicle to maintain a certain distance from the forward vehicle by detecting it with radars and automatically controlling acceleration and deceleration

AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)

A safety system that allows the vehicle to avoid any accident with forward vehicles or pedestrian by using radars and cameras

HDA (Highway Driving Assist)

A system that assists highway driving (remaining inside the lane and maintaining clearance) by minimizing human intervention

Auto Parking

A system that searches for parking spaces through sensors and calculates an optimal route to park the vehicle in the space and then parks the vehicle by automatically controlling the steering wheel.

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