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As of 2019

  • Global OEM Parts Suppliers Ranking in 2018


    Selected for the 2018 Automotive News
    TOP 100 Global OEM Parts Supplies

  • Sales

    KRW 38.49 trillion


  • Total Workforce

    32,065 employees

    (10,172 in Korea, 21,893 overseas)

  • R&D Expenditures

    KRW 965 billion


(Unit : KRW million)

Company Overview List
Name Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. Sales 38,048,768
CEO Sung Hwan Cho Operating Income 2,359,257
Establishment June 25th 1977 Earnings before taxes 3,214,294
Headquarters 203 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Net income 2,294,311
  • Module Parts Manufacturing

    KRW 19.65 trillion

    Hyundai Mobis supplies three key modules - chassis modules, cockpit modules and front-end modules - utilizing its cutting-edge vehicle modularization technology. In collaboration with carmakers, the advanced module parts pr oduced at Hyundai Mobis are perfected from the very first stage of R&D, through design and testing. Currently, we have production bases in China, U.S, India and Europe. These production bases have allowed us to increase local production and strengthen competitiveness in emerging markets around the world.

  • Core Parts Manufacturing

    KRW 10.83 trillion

    Hyundai Mobis mobilizes all our available resources to develop core parts that minimize environmental impact while yielding top performance. As supplier of parts for next-generation side radar and steering wheel-mounted displays, Hyundai Mobis’s technological expertise has been amply recognized in the global market. Going forward, we will continue to invest in technological innovation to strengthen our position in the future automotive technology and electric vehicle market.

  • Afermarket Service Parts

    KRW 7.57 trillion

    Hyundai Mobis is responsible for the supply of about 2.9 million aftermarket service (AS) parts for more than 260 domestic and foreign models. To optimize the rate of parts supply for more than 59 million Hyundai and Kia Motors vehicles currently under operation, we have set up an optimal distribution network based on a big data-based demand forecast system.