Compliance Management

Recognizing compliance management as a management philosophy required for sustainable management, we have established and operated systems to practice compliance and ethical management in relationship with all our stakeholders, including employees, customers and partners. We established a code of conduct that incorporates our Charter of Ethics, Code of Ethical Practice and Global Compliance Guidelines in the second half of 2019, and have since kept it as a standard based on which all our employees and partners at home and abroad do value judgment and conduct. We have established compliance officers and a compliance organization to review the planning and performance of compliance activities and the fulfillment of rules of ethics by our employees and report the result to the Board of Directors. Furthermore, we have established a risk management system to perform compliance and ethical management more efficiently and standardized contract and internal control procedures to prevent any unlawful and unethical issues from occurring.

Hyundai Mobis Compliance Management

CODE OF CONDUCT, Compliance Organization & System, Compliance Culture

  • Code Of Conduct

    The concrete and stipulated, highest level regulation established for employees to practice ethical and compliance management

  • Compliance Organization & System

    The organization and operating system needed to realize ethical and compliance management

  • Compliance Culture

    Creation of a corporate culture needed to help employees internalize a sense of ethics and compliance

Compliance Management System

Compliance Management System

Compliance Management System

  • Programs

    Identifying trends, establishing/revising regulations, establishing manuals/guidelines, conducting education and campaigns and conducting self-inspection

    Field monitoring (inspection), responding to issues and status management and report and risk management

    Follow-up Management
    Analyzing and evaluating the outcome of response to issues and establishing improvement measures and checking progress

  • Management Systems

    Data security early warning system

    Risk management system

    Contract management system

    Partner data request system

    Legal affairs system

  • Grievance Systems

    Online report and counseling center (Cyber Audit Office at Mobis homepage)

    Sexual harassment counseling center (Healing Saem)

    Ethics and anti-graft counseling center

    Fair trade counseling and report center (homepage)

    Partner grievance report center
    (partner system)

Compliance Management Slogan

컴플라이언스 경영 실천 슬로건

컴플라이언스 경영 실천 슬로건

Compliance Education Status

(In: persons)

Compliance Education Status
Classification Target Headcount
Integrated Compliance Training Employees and directors 7,309
New employees 192
Ethics and Anti-corruption Employees and directors 63
Legal Risk Awareness Improvement Employees and directors 252
Sexual Harassment Prevention Employees and directors 2,744
Total - 10,560


※ As of: 2019

Hyundai Mobis
Compliance Control Standard