Corporate Governance

  • Preface
    Hyundai Mobis (the “Company”) is committed to becoming a leading global enterprise by creating new customer values based on superior quality and customer service. Based on the belief that a sound corporate governance structure will lay the foundation for securing trust from all stakeholders and maintaining integrity in conducting management activities as a respected global enterprise, the Company hereby establishes this Corporate Governance Charter (the “Charter”). The Company promotes the management body’s transparent and responsible management under the supervision of a professional and independent board of directors, and pursues promotion of the rights of the Company’s shareholders, customers, partners and all the other stakeholders in a balanced manner pursuant to the Charter, for this the Company attempts to become an enterprise that continuously opens a sustainable future.
  • 1. Shareholders
  • 2. Board of Directors
  • 3. Audit
  • 4. Stakeholders
  • 5. Disclosure