Autonomous Driving / ADAS

Mobis is developing and verifying software related to autonomous driving sensors (RADAR, LiDAR, Camera, etc.) and control logic as well. It is developing and verifying AI/Deep Learning based sensor signal and image processing algorithm & software, and control logic for Level-2 autonomous driving. Also, it is developing automation tools for driving and parking control logic verification, sensor data logging and analysis.

In-Vehicle Infotainment

Mobis is concentrating on developing and verifying infotainment system and application software, and the development of localized specifications. It is developing global audio/AVN platforms, HMI/GUI and application software, as well as the vehicle broadcasting modules, communication modules (Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.) and application software for implementing connectivity for India, North America and Korea.

Chassis · Trim

Mobis is developing and verifying application software based on models in chassis/trim/safety in compliance with AutoSar & ISO 26262. Its main products are ABS, EPS, air suspension, BCM, ACU, etc.

AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture), ISO 26262 (functional safety standard)

CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)

Mobis is contributing to improving quality by analyzing various performance data based on CAE, and reducing the in-vehicle test and development period. It is analyzing CFD (cockpit module, lamps), collision/safety (cockpit module, front-end module, airbag), durability (chassis module, brake components, steering column, lamps), NVH (CBS, steering column), and electronics/EMI-EMC (infotainment, mechatronics, electrification components).

CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness), EMI-EMC (Electro Magnetic Interference-Compatibility)

Software Quality Assurance

This involves verifying the quality of software for various products in chassis/trim/electronics. Functional testing is conducted on products such as infotainment, cluster and IBU, while code-based software verification is conducted on products such as infotainment, ADAS, chassis, lamps, mechatronics, safety, cluster and HUD.

Cockpit Module

Mobis is developing localized cockpit modules and components by reducing weight, optimizing components and improving quality.