MOBIS Technical Center of China (MTCC)

The Technical Center of China has branch offices in Yantai, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, with Shanghai playing the central role. It is concentrating on developing new products customized for the Chinese market, and sourcing and applying new future technologies. We are focusing on sourcing and applying local components of excellent quality, developing localized products and sourcing new technical startups, e.g. artificial intelligence, big data, autonomous driving and robotics, complying with the laws of China and meeting customer needs.


Address1011 Jiujing RD, Songjiang Hi-tech Park No. 1800 Husong RD, Jiuting, Shanghai, 201615, China


Shanghai acquired the CNAS (China National Accreditation Service) accreditation in 2008, and it is the headquarters of the Technical Center of China that oversees R&D in China. It meets the demands of local automakers by developing products for the Chinese market based on the local design of steering, braking, lamps, IVI and modules.



Address300 Changjiang RD, Fushan, Yantai, Shandong, China


It is a self-contained branch office that performs design, prototyping and in-vehicle testing. It is focusing on developing localized specifications and improving performance through cooperation with the Shanghai technical center. It quickly responds to the core customers of Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors.



Address 45 Gaoxin Nan Jiu Dao, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Room 2102, Sanhang Science and Technology Building, Northwest Polytechnical University

Tel0755-6685-7501 / 0755-6685-3156

The Shenzhen branch office, which was reorganized as Mobis Ventures, an open innovation center, in 2019, is planning new products by analyzing technologies and market trends, sensing element technologies and conducting PoC (Proof of concept). Of particular note, it is sourcing Chinese startups with new future technologies, and cooperating with the Technical Center of Korea and the Mobis Ventures of Silicon Valley, US.