Autonomous Driving ADAS

Mobis is developing autonomous driving sensor algorithms (deep learning-based image recognition, camera geometry recognition, radar signal processing, sensor fusion, etc.), sensing new local technologies in Europe, and responding by analyzing laws and regulations like Euro NCAP. Also, it is analyzing the needs of European customers, developing and tuning localized algorithms, and conducting in-vehicle verification.

In-Vehicle Infotainment

Mobis is developing and verifying IVI systems optimized for Europe; local functions such as radio, hands-free, connectivity tuning, AVN, audio, cluster and eCall are going through the same process. It is also analyzing customer needs, providing technical support and developing new technologies, such as DSP tuning techniques and hybrid radio.


Mobis is actively sensing new technologies, such as the components and element technologies necessary for the steering system like EPS, RWS and SbW, application technologies and new technologies like control logic, and conducting pilot development. In addition, it is improving the steering performance of European cars, analyzing customer needs and providing engineering service.

EPS (Electric Power Steering), RWS (Rear Wheel Steering), SbW (Steer by Wire)


Mobis is sensing new technologies, developing new systems and functions to secure product competitiveness, and concentrating on enhancing the performance of braking systems (ABS, TCS and ESC) of high-performance and every day vehicles. It is conducting development activities in compliance with ISO 26262 functional safety standard and adhering to the process (ASPICE).


Mobis is endeavoring to amass its own design prowess and mass production capability for the air spring package, and conducting pilot development of new cutting-edge technologies like Active Suspension and the height control system.


Mobis is developing customized products that satisfy all technical/design needs of customers including weight reduction and cost and power consumption efficiency, and also putting continued efforts into sensing and developing new technologies by investigating market and technology trends and through industry-university cooperation with local universities.