Founded in 1977, Hyundai Mobis has been an automotive parts manufacturer
that achieves continuous development.

By offering top-quality products, technologies and services, Hyundai Mobis strengthened its position in the automotive parts industry
to become the sixth largest global automotive parts suppliers in 2015. We will continue to strengthen the foundation for sustainable growth
through meeting challenges to become a global top tier, while also creating shared values with all of our stakeholders and share these created values.

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  • Global OEM Parts Suppliers Ranking in 2015


    Selected for the 2016 Automotive News
    TOP 100 Global OEM Parts Supplies

  • Sales


    ( As of 2015 )

  • Total Workforce


    (8,672 in Korea, 16,544 overseas)

  • R&D Expenditures


    ( As of 2015 )

  • Eco-friendly Vehicle Parts Supply Performance


    (cumulative total for 2009~2015)

  • AS Parts Supply Amount

    213automotive models /
    2,271,617auto parts

Company Overview List
Name Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. Sales 36,019,749
President&CEO Chung Kook Park Operating Income 2,934,571
Establishment June 25.1977 Earnings before taxes 4,212,662
Headquarters 203 Teheran Road (Yeoksam-dong), Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Net income 3,040,049
  • Module Parts Manufacturing

    KRW 18.8 trillion

    Hyundai Mobis wields its cutting-edge vehicle modularization technology to manufacture and supply chassis modules, cockpit modules for carmakers. Though collaboration with carmakers, the advanced module parts at Hyundai Mobis are perfected from the very initial stage of R&D, from design to testing.

  • Core Parts Manufacturing

    KRW 10.9 trillion

    Hyundai Mobis mobilizes all resources available to develop core parts that enhance the driving experience and more convenient vehicles, as well as road safety and environmental protection. Converged with electronics and cutting-edge IT, our motors and battery systems have boosted our eco-friendly technologies. Going forward, we will continue to invest in technology to further solidify our market power in green & intelligent automotive parts.

  • Afermarket Service Parts

    KRW 6.3 trillion

    Hyundai Mobis supplies aftermarket service parts to approximately 57 million Hyundai and Kia Motors vehicles worldwide. To ensure the timely delivery of parts, Hyundai Mobis has built a cutting-edge logistics system and extensive distribution infrastructure that manages 2.27 million auto parts in stock for 2013 automotive models, providing these service parts at a moment’s notice and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction