05Mexico plant operation began(module·lamp·CBS·etc)

01Attended in the Consumer Electronic Show (CES)


07Established a new smart-working system(M-Cloud)

05Held the completion ceremony for Meer Forest in Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do Province

04Won the 2014-2015 Championship, winning the KBL(Korean Basketball League) six times, the most ever (MOBIS Phoebus Pro Basketball Club)


12Awarded as 10 billion dollar Top Exportation

12Developed the country’s first ever ‘new conceptual battery management system’ for eco-friendly vehicles

02Completed a winter test center in China

01Gained the internationally recognized KOLAS accreditation


12Earned international and domestic accreditations simultaneously for the safety and health management system

10Manufactured more than an accumulated 100 million sets of three core vehicular modules

10Earned world’s first ISO 26262 for the airbag control device

09Fully activated the module factory in Turkey

05Supplied Chrysler with more than 1 million modules

04Won the Platinum Award at the US Inspire Awards organized by LACP (League of American Communications Professionals) for the e-Corporate Newsletter

03Fully activated the Chungju factory, a mecca to eco-friendly automotive technologies

03Began manufacturing the world’s first core parts for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles


12Completed the construction of a Conventional Brake System (CBS) factory in Slovakia

11Opened a module production facility in Brazil

09Obtained a contract from GM to supply Integrated Center Stacks (ICS) worth 160 million USD

07Began construction of a module production facility in Turkey

01Received a contract from GM · Chrysler to supply Integrated Center Stacks (ICS) and LED rear lamps worth 1.07 billion USD

01Signed an agreement with the City of Jincheon, Korea, to create the MOBIS Forest


11Received a commendation from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy for excellent quality and competitive products

10Included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

08Commercialized AVM (Around View Monitor System) for the first time in Korea

06Signed a 333 million USD agreement with Mitsubishi and Subaru to supply headlights

01Began construction of a module factory in Brazil


11Began construction of a module factory in Brazil

11Succeeded in domestically producing high-tech automotive semi-conductors

10Inducted into the Korean Business Hall of Fame

08Selected as an excellent company for social contribution in the ‘one office to one village’ movement

06Supplied front/rear chassis module to Chrysler

04Won the 09/10 National Championship (MOBIS Basketball Team)

03Established the Joint Venture for Battery Technology with LG Chem. Co.