Ethical Management

As the need for ethical management of business is greater than ever, MOBIS has autonomously constituted ethical standards to voluntarily adhere to corporate ethics, and is committed to defining and implementing a broad area of ethical standards ranging from fundamental corporate responsibilities to socially accepted responsibilities. All officers and employees of MOBIS will cultivate a transparent and fair corporate culture for sustainable growth through a commitment to ethical management.

HYUNDAI MOBIS Ethical Management 3C

Code Of Conduct, Complance Check Organization, Consensus By Ethic Education

  • Code Of Conduct

    Specified and stipulated Code of Conduct for employees and management, guided by the Charter of Business Ethics, Code of Ethics, Action Guidelines, Informant Protection and Reward Guide and Pledge for Ethical Practice

  • Compliance Check Organization

    Organization and system to realize ethical management (Exclusive Ethical Management Department, Inspection and Evaluation System)

  • Consensus By Ethic Education

    Reinforced education on a daily basis for implementation of business ethics

Code of Ethics

MOBIS Code of Ethics

MOBIS Code of Ethics

  • Charter of
    Business Ethics

    Declaration of Charter of Business Ethics (Total 6 clauses stipulated)

    Declaration of key guidelines for stakeholders (Employees and management, customers, shareholders / investors, competitors / partners, government and society)

  • Ethical Practical
    for Employees

    Practical Ethical Principles (7 Articles and 29 Clauses)

    Establishes the standards for value judgment and specific actions of employees towards stakeholders defined in the revised Charter of Business Ethics

  • Ethical Action
    for Employees

    Specified Action Principles (Total 10 guidelines)

    General ethics of employees and Specific Action Guidelines for competitors and partners

Charter of Business Ethics

HYUNDAI MOBIS strives to grow as a trusted corporation by fulfilling its ethical responsibilities based on a corporate culture of respect and trust. We recognize that the pursuit of common interests including that of stakeholders is integral continuous growth in the long term and promise to establish a Code of Ethics as the standard for proper action and value judgment that all employees and management must comply with. We hereby pledge to implement Ethical Practices as follows:

  • Article 1. General Act of Employees

    We shall reject all solicitations of stakeholders that may obstruct the fairness of business. We shall neither give nor receive illicit gains and bribe.

  • Article 2. Ethics for Customers
  • Article 3. Ethics for Shareholders and Investors
  • Article 4. Ethics for Competitors and Partners
  • Article 5. Ethics for Employees and Management
  • Article 6. Ethics for the Nation and Society

Compliance Check Organization

Ethical Management Operation System

Ethical Management Operation System

  • Code of Ethics

    Charter of Business Ethics Practical Principles Ethical Action Guideline for Employees and Management
  • Partners

    Partners’ Ethical Action Standard
  • Management Organization

    Ethics Commission Audit Organization Cyber Audits
  • Internal Alarm System

    Risk Management SystemSecurity Early Warning System

Status of Compliance·Ethics Management Training 

Provide itemized status and number of participants in Compliance·Ethics management training. (Unit: no. of persons)

Provide itemized status and number of participants in Compliance·Ethics management training. 
Item Target No. of people
Integrated compliance training (Total)  Employees and executives 6,866
New recruits 303
Experienced employees 95
Favorable partnership Employees and executives 4,512
Ethics/Anti-corruption training Employees and executives 27
New recruits 221
Promote awareness of legal risk Employees and executives 751
Confidentiality agreement Employees and executives 480
Total training status - 13,255