Manufacture of Major Automobile Parts

Safety system

  • The airbag is the representative safety device that confines passengers with seat belts when collisions occur, preventing secondary collision with the interior material or ejection from the vehicle as well as absorbing the impact of collision.
  • Airbags of various purposes and functions in accordance with different types of collisions, passenger sizes and their positions in the vehicle contribute to the passenger's safety.

Safety system

  • 1ACU, Airbag electronic Control Unit
  • 2SIS, Side Impact Sensor
  • 3OCS, Occupant Classification System
  • 4STPS, Seat Track Position Sensor
  • 5FIS, Front Impact Sensor
  • 6PSIS, Pressure Side Impact Sensor
  • 7SBPT, Seat Belt with PreTensioner
  • 8DAB, Driver AirBag module
  • 9PAB, Passenger AirBag module
  • 10SAB, Side AirBag module
  • 11CAB, Curtain AirBag module
  • 12KAB, Knee AirBag module

Braking system

  • It is a device for vehicle deceleration, stopping and parking.
  • Along with general CBS and ABS, TCS, ESC, Brake by Wire, EMB, and a regenerative braking system are also under research and development.

Braking System Overview

  • HECU (Control)
  • Front wheel brake
  • Master cylinder (oil pressure generated)
  • Booster (servo generated)
  • Rear wheel brake (including parking)
  • P-Valve(controls oil pressure on rear wheels)

HECU (Control),Front wheel brake,Master cylinder (oil pressure generated),Booster (servo generated),Rear wheel brake (including parking),P-Valve(controls oil pressure on rear wheels)

A brake system that activates a parking brake by
operating a switch, not in a mechanical way


Integrated caliper-type
Cable puller-type


(Anti-Lock Brake System)


(Electronic stability control)

System Overview

  • 1ABS-ECU
  • 2Wheel Speed Sensor
  • 1ABS-ECU
  • 2Wheel Speed Sensor
  • 3ABS G-Sensor
  • 4Steering Angel Sensor
  • 1ABS-ECU
  • 2Wheel Speed Sensor
  • 3ABS G-Sensor
  • 4Steering Angel Sensor

Steering system

  • This is a device to change the direction of the vehicle as the driver wishes.
  • MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering), a electronic steering system, provides optimal steering performance by highly accurately controlling the motor according to the vehicle condition without using the conventional mechanical hydraulic system, which improves the driving convenience and safety.

Steering System Overview

MDPS(Motor Driven Power Steering) Merits

  • Using a motor instead of oil pressure as used currently, being more eco-friendly
  • Realizing the performance logic best optimized to the vehicle, based on high performance ECU (Electrical Control Unit) and ultra-precision control, thus providing the steering performance best optimized for the driving environment and the driver’s anticipation
  • Possible to enhance running safety by controlling the driving performance of the vehicle together in cooperation with other related systems as VDS, LKAS, SPAS, etc.
  • Possible to upgrade the expedience of driving by adding options including Flex Steer, TCC, and other additional options of MDPS

Column-Type MDPS

  • Having the column equipped with a motor for driving
  • Generally used because it is easy to secure space for installation
  • Used mainly for compact to midsized vehicles

Dual-Pinion Rack-Type MDPS

  • Directly activated by equipping the gearbox with a separate pinion and motor
  • Having an improved response compared to a column type, and easy to realize a natural steering
  • Used mainly for midsized to large vehicles

Belt Rack-Type MDPS

  • Directly activated by equipping the gearbox with a Belt & Pulley structure and motor
  • With a low friction/high efficiency, easy to realize a high performance steering
  • Used mainly for vehicles bigger than mid and full-size vehicles

Lamp system

  • AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) is an intelligent headlamp that provides the best visibility of changing road conditions. Besides, LED headlamps, utilizing the new luminous source of LEDs, expands the AFLS function to secure night visibility and improves the safety by increasing the reaction speed.

Lamp System Overview

LED Head lamp

LED Rear position lamp


(Adaptive Front Light System)

AFLS is an intelligent lighting system that modulates the angles of headlamps up and down or side-to-side to realize the lighting pattern most suitable for each road condition.

 Controlter - Head Lamp ,  Vehicle Signals(Velocity,Steering Signal,Head Lamp Signal)

Air suspension system

  • It can minimize the air resistance and secure handling by lowering the height of the vehicle during high-speed driving, and improve drivability on roughroads by lifting the height of the vehicle.
  • In addition, it facilitates loading and unloading passengers or cargo by adjusting the height of vehicle. Irrespective of freight, the vehicle can maintain normal height to realize ideal driving.

Major functions of air suspension

Minimize air resistance(Automatically lower the ride height at high speed driving -Reduce fuel costs, Secure running safety at high speed), Protect uderstructure(Lift ride height on rough roads - Protect car body, Absorb shock against the road), Maintain a certain ride height or more (Maintain a certain level of ride height regardless of weight - Secure a better ride comfort and safer operation)
Minimize the vibration of the car body (Minimize the vibration of the car body  - Minimize the roll behavior, Realize the most optimized reduction of rough road conditions), Minimize the roll behavior(Control the height, pitch, and roll related to the compression forces, tensile forces, and road load - Curb the vibration of the vehicle, Improve the ride comfort), Realize the most optimized reduction of rough road conditions(Minimizing the occurrence of a roll when making a quick turn, Improve the grip force - Secure a handling safety)

Air suspension system overview

Front wheel air strut, Acceleration sensor, Ride height sensor(4X), Rear wheel damper, ECU, Real wheel air spring, Air tank, Compressor and solenoid valve block

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